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  • Date:2017-12-25

1. Development Position
On June 2nd, 2009, Executive Yuan approved to submit, “Kinmen and Matsu Long-term Economic Development Planning” for the record and position the areas and industry of Kinmen in the plan as below:

2. Development Goals- International Tourism and Leisure Island
Currently, Kinmen has superior conditions and is the key turning point of cross-strait relations structure transformation. The County is using positioning advantages, historical battlefield monuments, the valuable cultural landscape resources and the turning point of the assistance from “Isolated Islands Construction Act” to strive for the approval to “simplify the visa process when tourists of Mainland China visiting Kinmen; allowing the 72 hour visa-free tour for people of Mainland visiting Kinmen.” With the promotion of integrated marketing to show the rich tourism charm and increase the tourism competitiveness, Kinmen will become a sustainable “International Tourism and Leisure Island.”

3. Development Strategy
I. International Tourism and Leisure Island
(1) Southern Fujian culture and battlefield characteristics are the
main part of the tours.
(2) Relaxing & depth tours with ocean & military experience as the
main type of tourism.
(3) Develop an ecological landscape tour.
(4) Develop green energy & low carbon industry.
II. Health Care Medical Island
(1) Provide high quality medical services for local people and Taiwan
(2) Enter as the test subject of developing “Tourism and Medical Service” industry of Taiwan and Mainland China.
III. Fine Shopping Duty Free Island
(1) Provide a duty free quality goods shopping center like Hong Kong.
(2) Enter as the test subject of “Border Trade.”
IV. Construct Cross-strait High Education Exchange Platform
(1) Build a full-range Kinmen University.
(2) Promote universities in Taiwan areas establishing branches in
(3) Bring in students of Mainland China to study in Kinmen.
(4) Promote higher education institutions in Mainland areas
establishing branches in Kinmen.

Visions for Investment Development(JPG)

Visions for Investment Development.jpg

Visions for Investment Development