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Kinmen Dadan Island opens up to tourism on July 26th2019-09-22
Thousand Nectar Plants Attract a Large Number of Euploea midamus2019-03-23
The Inheritance of Traditional Craftsmanship Ensures Cultural Continuity of Kinmen2019-03-09
Battlefield Cultural Landscape Preservation Is Essential2019-02-21
Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai: Create an Accessible Environment for the Disadvantaged2019-02-08
Jinjiang-Kinmen Ancestral Hall Culture Joint Exhibition at Chen Jing-Lan’s Western-Style House2019-01-20
Educative Ecological Tour Receives Enthusiastic Responses2019-01-10
Elected as County Magistrate, Yang Jhen-Wu Returns to Hometown to Thank Villagers2018-12-26
Chen Fu-Hai Lost Re-election, Failing to Live up to Compatriots’ Expectations2018-12-26
KMVS Won 5th Place in National Senior High School Soft Baseball Tournament2018-12-26
Veterans of Kinmen Battles Being Invited to the Oral History Interview2018-12-26
Selected Pieces of “Design of the World, I See Kinmen” Won the Red Dot Design Award2018-12-26
Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival Kicked Off at Jhaishan Tunnel2018-12-26
Principals at Home and Abroad Share Experiences at the Kinmen Education Conference2018-12-26
Phased Accomplishment of Kinmen Bridge Project Carries a Significant Meaning2018-12-26
Taipei Session of the Kinmen Marathon Press Conference Being Held2018-12-26
Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Macau Citizens Being Invited to “Visit Xiamen; Travel Kinmen”2018-12-26
Tashan Power Plant Holds Realistic Oil Spill Response Drill2018-12-26
Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to 26 Stores Implementing Charcoal Policy2018-12-26
Cross-Strait Water Connection Witnessed by 3000 Citizens2018-11-10
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