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  • Date:2018-05-30

(1) Basic Overview
“Kinmen” is under Fujian Province, located in Xiamen Bay off the Jiulong River in southeastern Fujian, 10 kilometers to the west of Xiamen, 277 kilometers to the east of Taiwan and there are a total of 12 islands. Due to their position near Xiamen of Mainland, Kinmen has played a very important role dealing with cross-strait peace development and also acts as the first test subject for cross-strait development policies. So far there are five destinations to Taiwan and three to Xiamen and others in Mainland that all are within 1 hour flight and Kinmen has become an important turning point for cross-strait transportation. The total area of Kinmen is more than 150 square kilometers; the population is about 97,000 people and the coast line is more than 110 kilometers long which can compete with continuous 30 kilometer golden beaches in southern Hawaii. Kinmen is a sub-tropical maritime climate; the average annual temperature is 20.9℃ and the average annual rainfall is about 1000 mm, which makes Kinmen a livable island for tourism.
(2) Basic Facilities:
1. Public facilities: land, water supply, drainage, electricity, communication, transportation and complete broadband that satisfy users’ needs.
2. Transportation basic facilities:
* Land transportation: The total length of roads is about 370 kilometers and the average road length is about 2,500 meters per square kilometer currently in Greater Kinmen. The main road system is organized by five main lines which are Central Road (or Boyu Road), Huandao E. Road, Huandao W. Road, Huandao S. Road and Huandao N. Road; the road network density can compete with areas in Taiwan.
* Air transportation: Shang-Yi Airport so far has opened five golden destinations which are Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung; the total flights to Taiwan are 84 a day and can carry 2.5 million people a year. So far it has already reached 2 million people a year and it can carry at least 3.5 million people a year after the expansion project of the third terminal building is completed. The international charter flights are open to Hong Kong & Macao, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.
* Sea transportation: Liaoluo Port is positioned as a cargo port that can anchor 5000DWT cargo ships; Shueitou Port is positioned as a port of transshipment for overseas visitors, passenger major port, Kinmen tourism & recreation port and passenger & cargo port of Greater & Little Kinmen. Dongdu, Wutong and Quanzhou Shijing Port of Xiamen have been open; the total departures a day are 42 and 2 million people can be carried a year along with Zhangzhou of Mainland China being planned as a destination as well. After the third berth expanded project is finished at the end of 2010, at least 3 million people can be carried a year. In addition, more than 5 million people can be carried a year and 16000DWT passenger ships after the new construction project in Shueitou International Port is finished.
(3) Labors
1. Labor Force
The labor productivity population is about 35,000 people in the County and closed to 90% of secondary and tertiary industry. Besides Kaoliang Liquor, Kinmen is lacking big manufacturing industry and service industry and fairly abundant private idle labor, but the labor salary is low.
2. Human Resource Development
Kinmen has one university, high school and vocational school; National Quemoy University, Ming Chuan University and National University of Kaohsiung individually established graduate schools or on-the-job training program and supplementary programs such as an open university and a community university that can fully provide enterprises the need of mid & low level and professional skilled talents.
(4) Industry Status
The focus of Kinmen industrial development is tourism and traditional industry and the tourism industry is still at the stage of improving tourist facilities and beautifying scenic spots. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is the biggest brand in Taiwan white liquor market; the market share in Taiwan is more than 75% which makes it the pillar of important regional industry and other auxiliary bundled services are also getting started. For the traditional industry of agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry, comprehensive research and originality are proceeded under the support of the government; fishery and animal husbandry produce Kinmen Peanut candy, Kinmen noodles, beef jerky, baked sesame cake, sour cabbage, Kaoliang vinegar and other Kinmen products because they are produced on the islands surrounded by the sea and the environment is not polluted. Besides delicious food, Kinmen steel knives are memorable an good gifts, I-Tiao-Gung (Philippine Wurrus Root) that is efficacious and colorful Kinmen ceramics are approved in the market.
(5) Public Investment In Construction for the Few Years in the Future (i-Kinment 12 Projects)
* New construction project in Shueitou International Port
* Expended project in Liaoluo Port
* New construction project of Kinmen Hospital
* New construction project of Kinmen Bridge
* Expended project in the third terminal of Shang-Yi Airport
* New construction project of expressway of Shang-Yi Airport
* Development project of the original Huagangshih Hospital
* The second development project of mixed industrial & commercial zone

Investment Environment in Kinmen County