Introduction to the Magistrate

Chen Fu-Hai

Academic Background
Master of Public Administration from National University of Kaohsiung
Doctoral Candidate at the College of Public Administration, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

1990-1994 Elected representative of Jinhu Township, Kinmen County
1994-1998 Kinmen County Council Member
1998-2006 Mayor of Jinhu Township, Kinmen County
2008-2012 Legislator of the 7th Legislative Yuan
Vice Chairman of the Association of County/City Magistrates/Mayors of the R.O.C.
Director of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.
Kinmen County Consultant of the Red Cross Society of the R.O.C. (Taiwan)
Member of the Rights Protection Committee for Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of the Interior
The sixth magistrate of Kinmen County

Inauguration Speech

“Cherish every minute of life and embrace the beloved people of Kinmen”

“Create a vision of happiness for Kinmen and protect its beautiful communities”

Inauguration Speech of the Sixth Kinmen County Magistrate

Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai
Supervisor, Chairmain Tung of the Veterans Affairs Council, Governor Tu of Fujian Provincial Government, Magistrate Li, Kinmen residents, distinguished guests, and friends of Kinmen who are working to make Kinmen better, good morning!

Today is a historical moment and a day for being thankful. As we are nearing the end of the year during winter, I take on the support of residents and responsibility for Kinmen. Today is the day I dedicate my life to Kinmen!

First of all, I am grateful to the people of Kinmen for your approval, support and expectations. I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say “thank you”. This election shows that Kinmen’s democracy has matured and reflects on residents’ high expectations for change. Today, I stand here treading on thin ice, the joy of winning the election has been replaced with a strong sense of responsibility, because I know from deep within that I must meet the high expectations of Kinmen people. I will work faster and harder to jointly create a happy Kinmen together with the administration and all Kinmen residents, so we can jointly protect our beautiful hometown.

As I look at Kinmen in its current state, there are make breakthroughs that need to be made and many tasks to complete. We must take bold and rapid action to break through the current state, and I will work with the county government to not only create new job opportunities, but also build a new foundation for Kinmen’s future growth. Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. will be restructured to meet the expectations of Kinmen residents, better medical care will be provided to resolve health and care issues; we will improve transportation to and from Kinmen so residents will no longer worry about going home; we will look into solar power, wind power, and tidal power as sources of energy for meeting domestic and commercial demands; we will help schools at various levels and National Quemoy University adapt to the new era, so that all students can learn and grow in a happy environment. These are all things I plan to do and will do in the future.

I believe that the future Kinmen will be a place where all residents can live in peace, and I will lead the county government with great administrative efficiency to carry out the policies I proposed when campaigning, helping disadvantaged families find work with reasonable pay, allowing residents to enjoy good medical care, and keeping residents from worrying about transportation between Kinmen and Taiwan.

Starting today I will lead an outstanding administrative team, in which anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves will have the chance to make change and serve Kinmen people, because this is the only way to regain the people’s trust in the government.

Kinmen will become a rapidly developing free economic pilot zone and base for peaceful cross-Strait development. We will expand interactions with China using the advantages of Kinmen’s geographic location, linking Kinmen to the vast land of China and allowing Kinmen’s economy to prosper and extend its reach. We will expand future plans for exchanges with China’s cultural creative industry, developing green energy technology, building a platform for cross-Strait medical care, and doubling the number of tourists. This will lay the foundation for Kinmen’s economic development and making Kinmen a free economic pilot zone. We will jointly create better communities across the Taiwan Strait for people to lead better lives. This is the best portrayal of “both sides of the Taiwan Strait are family”. “Linking together the two sides of the Taiwan Strait based in Kinmen” as we enter a new phase of cross-Strait relations, Kinmen has chosen the path of peace and development, and improving cross-Strait relations in all aspects is a great opportunity for Kinmen’s development.

I draw my energy for changing Kinmen from my determination to dedicate my life to Kinmen and original intentions based on right and good thoughts. In the face of what might be whole new challenges, I will rely on hard work, honesty, sincerity, pragmatism, and courage. All of these values are the right values, and they belong to the silent masses that have driven Kinmen forward through various stages.

I gladly accept the responsibility put onto me by the people of Kinmen, and strongly believe that giving my all to resolve the difficult tasks ahead is the only way to make Kinmen people more satisfied.

Kinmen was a battlefield in history and blocked bullets for Taiwan. It was a world renowned impregnable fortress. The people of Kinmen laid down their lives, their youth, and their soul for Kinmen, and will be forever looked up upon as heroes.

Coming from an honorable past, we must set out towards a prosperous future. Kinmen must transform from a battlefield to a destination for cultural tourism and leisure, it must be a low carbon and environmental island, and must set an example for providing excellent social welfare.

My team for developing Kinmen is refreshing with practical experience, international perspectives, and understanding of local characteristics. I have recruited the elite that share the Kinmen spirit, and the county government will be the most powerful engine driving Kinmen’s development. It will be a power generator for Kinmen people to find happiness, and we will breathe together with Kinmen with the right heart and right mind!

As I shoulder the heavy responsibility of serving Kinmen people, I sincerely hope that we will show the spirit of Kinmen, and work together to create new prospects for Kinmen! Thank you.

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