Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan

Date of announcement:2015/10/14
Last updated: 2015/10/14

The ultimate goal for city development within Kinmen County is the “international tourist recreational island.” In order to accomplish this vision, we need to set up a development platform in the external environment, integrating fundamental constructions, battlefield resources, natural ecology, and international role. Consequently, four major policies of tourism and recreation, economy and construction, education and culture, as well as social welfare and health safety can be realized to acquire the ultimate goal of international tourism and sustainable management.

A: The key objectives for tourism and recreation are as follows:

1. To create the image of international tourist recreational island.
2. To enrich the content of development for tourism and recreation.
3. To promote the cooperation between conference and industry.
4. To initiate “soft strategy alliance” with China.

B: The key objectives for economy and construction are as follows:

1. To fully develop the tertiary industry.
2. To set up attractive reward policies for investment plan.
3. To create a healthy and safe agricultural environment.

C: The key objectives for education and culture are as follows:

1. To establish “Digital Kinmen.”
2. To realize plans of “tourism leading county” as well as “education for county inhabitants.”
3. To revive aesthetics in life.
4. To incubate managerial elites for international tourism.

D. The key objectives for social welfare and health safety are as follows:

1. To set up venture capital investment policy to encourage students to return home.
2. To expand medical facilities.
3. To unite the resources across the Strait to set up disaster prevention center.
4. To set up guidelines for a healthy city.

In accordance with trend analysis and mid-term development plan, Kinmen County Government intends to integrate industry resources and cultural resources to set up future administrative objectives and key policies in the four areas of battlefield landscape, Kinmen Liquor industry, ecology education, and Kinmen culture. Different projects are derived from the space distribution and planning. With the help of city marketing, we hope to accomplish the following visions:

1. To organize ecological resources in order to create and plan tourism activities with flair of Kinmen image; to promote activities via integration of theme activities; and to select folklore music related to Kinmen area in order to form rapport with tourists.
2. To present the local characteristics of Kinmen; to plan tourist core image to combine marketing strategies; and to combine commercials of Kinmen image with promotion commercials of tourism products via display of audio-visual media in order to integrate resource perspectives with supply resources.
3. To plan and design brand name and packaging for the local industry, combining with consumer activity to debunk the traditional defects of tourism commercials and product promotions respectively. Accordingly, we decide to integrate brand name image with product promotion to strengthen marketing power.
4. To utilize the internet power to create an environmentally friendly Kinmen with internet resources via semi-environment interaction; to upgrade tourism information; to increase younger generation’s understanding of Kinmen; and to provoke their interest to better explore Kinmen.


The policy plans of Kinmen County Government in 2009 are in accordance with the policy of Executive Yuan. The four-year County Development Act from 2007 to 2010 the Offshore Development Act, the Sustainable Development Strategy in Kinmen County, regional construction, as well as campaign policies of magistrate are subject to the financial status of Kinmen County. The priority of plans are carefully arranged and organized in the following 19 areas, consisting of Civil Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau, Economic Development Bureau, Education Bureau, Public Works Bureau, Transportation and Tourism Bureau, Social Affairs Bureau, Administrative Bureau, Research and Evaluation Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting and Statistics Office, Police Bureau, Fire Bureau, Health Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Land Administration Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau, and Revenue Service Office. The policy objectives and key guidelines of each area are listed respectively as follows:

Civil Affairs Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Strengthen negotiation to promote harmony within Kinmen County for policy implementation.
2. Listen to suggestions from the locals and periodically hold workshops for local employees of civil affairs.
3. Supervise township government to train each mediation committee for reducing law suits and promoting harmony.
4. Supervise, manage, and evaluate public cemetery, funeral facilities, and regional funeral service for better service.
5. Organize cultural festivals, holiday activities, and group weddings as well as hold ancestral ceremonies at Stable Master’s Shrine, Zhu Zi Shrine, King Ru Shrine, Yan Ping June Wang Shrine, and Wu Zhi-hui Memorial Hall.
6. Plan construction of Confucius temple.
7. Plan construction of General Hu Lian’s Memorial Hall.
8. Plan memorial activities for the 60th Anniversary of the Guningtou Battle.
9. Plan the annual memorial activities for the 823 Artillery Battle and the activities for Veteran’s Day.
10. Facilitate solider enrollment.
11. Realize service solider family living support.
12. Conduct substitute service application process.
13. Edit each census statistical form for references to other agencies.
14. Conduct household registration application between places.
15. Conduct foreign spouse (including foreigner) nationality matters and testing matters.
16. Strengthen and supervise household registration office for simplified household registration matter and simplified policies.
17. Upgrade the ability of civil affairs staff, military service section staff, and household registration section staff.
18. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.

Finance Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Improve financial autonomy and reduce financial dependence.
2. Smoothly achieve the goal of yearly income budget.
3. Speed up the management of county land and timely complete penalty.
4. Operate investigation and abolishment of illegal tobacco and liquor.
5. Initiate promotion for tobacco and liquor.
6. Strictly regulate treasury payment procedure, closely evaluate payment receipt, and operate treasury payment in accordance with regulations.
7. Establish excellent treasury payment image and continuously realize ISO9001:2000 quality management system for better product.
8. Adopt proxy payment management system for county treasury business to upgrade efficiency and service quality of payment.
9. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
10. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.


Economic Development Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

  • 1. Design safe agricultural development plan and encourage healthy gardens to develop local unique industry.
  • 2. Launch cattle farming plan via distiller.
    3. Conduct public facility of fishing industry in Kinmen County.
    4. Encourage individual enterprise to participate in Kinmen investment plan and set up comprehensive reward policy for investment and promotion.
    5. Launch development of 2-7 area for industrial and business integrated region.
    6. Regularly complete comprehensive evaluation process and suggestion for each region.
    7. Strengthen comprehensive planning and management for township development.
    8. Issue the registration certificate for oyster farming at northwest sea area.
    9. Implement award plan for preservation of traditional architecture in Kinmen County.
    10. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
    11. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.


Education Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Upgrade English command of elementary and junior high school students, improve English facility and software teaching materials, and promote English teaching camp in accordance with the promotion of New 9-year integrated Curriculum.
2. Promote small classroom teaching at elementary school and high school, gradually integrate educational resources at school, balance educational development discrepancy between city and country, and promote equal opportunity of education.
3. Strengthen academic counseling function and advocate friendly campus for student affairs and counseling work.
4. Develop special education, realize equal opportunity of education, promote counseling system, and upgrade counseling education function.
5. Hold science exhibition and all kinds of scientific educational activities to upgrade the impact of regional science education.
6. Implement the promotion of environmental education at all levels of schools in accordance with regulations of Ministry of Education and those of Environmental Protection Agency.
7. Implement physical checkup for students to ensure vision prevention care and group safety insurance for kindergartens, elementary schools, as well as junior high schools, enhance physical and mental health of adolescents, and strengthen campus safety and prevention.
8. Promote scout education as well as music and fine arts activities, hold County-wise camping to mould the physical and mental status of adolescents, and balance the well-grounded development of five merits.
9. Continue to implement objectives of family education center, promote each kind of matter in accordance with school education, strengthen education for foreign spouses and their children, develop new culture of immigrants, and realize equal opportunity of education.
10. Strengthen educational visit and guidance to convey educational concepts as well as to upgrade teaching quality and educational impact.
11. Waive tuition fee and other expense for students at kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools, as well as implement scholarships for elite students and students of poor family to reduce parents’ financial burden, encourage students to study hard and to realize the spirit of education.
12. Encourage children of Taiwanese business in China to study in Kinmen, expand the academic exchange across the Strait, and upgrade the regional educational status.
13. Implement teacher’s registration and teacher’s exam for future, encourage on-the job training for teachers and curriculum research of folklore teaching resources, and invite various colleges and universities to initiate various kinds of on-the-job training courses and workshops to upgrade the professional knowledge of teachers.
14. Promote “Love to Exercise Plan” to help inhabitants acquire regular exercise habit in accordance with all kinds of key sports competition, and encourage sports exchange between Taiwan and Kinmen to accomplish the goal of integrating sports with life.
15. Select elite high school students for further education, sponsor overseas study, and incubate professionals in all fields.
16. Launch three projects of Offshore construction fund sponsored by Council for Economic Planning and Development, including “Encourage children of Taiwanese business in China to study in Kinmen,” “upgrade offshore students’ exchange and learning,” and “encourage teachers for academic exchange and further research” in order to enhance offshore academic status and teaching quality.
17. Reduce government expenditures for balance of revenue and expenditure.


Public Works Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Conduct proxy cases of public works at all levels of schools in Kinmen County.
2. Conduct constructions of local roads and other affiliated new buildings or renovated buildings to improve local driving environment.
3. Conduct bridges in and out of Kinmen County to promote tourism and to combine living cycles between Kinmen and Xiamen.
4. Organize and launch sewerage construction to upgrade household connection rate and household quality.
5. Well manage water conservancy facility and strengthen water rights management system to ensure the sustainable development of water resource.
6. Eliminate floods and dredge flood-prone area.
7. Conduct communication wire renovation works between Greater Kinmen and Lesser Kinmen.
8. Dredge lakes and conduct improvement construction.
9. Conduct regional public works to improve living quality of inhabitants.
10. Conduct renovation construction of five military villages in Zhunghe to improve the quality of living environment for military families.
11. Launch projects of new image for county and city.
12. Conduct construction quality control to upgrade quality of public works.
13. Conduct establishment and maintenance matters of green land facility and landscape beautification at regional park.
14. Launch evaluation of water resources from China to supply the necessary water resources for future development.
15. Conduct relevant land acquisition procedure in accordance with regulations of regional road renovation construction.
16. Conduct regional road pavement maintenance procedure to secure traffic safety and to reduce car accidents.
17. Conduct planning and designing of public works.


Transportation and Tourism Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Promote Kinmen tourism to establish competitive tourism industry.
2. Provide tourists with experiences of war historical relics and Fujian-style exotic architectural buildings.
3. Construct complete tourism circle among “Taiwan, Xiamen, and Kinmen” (Taiwan-Kinmen-Xiamen tourism circle).
4. Manage tourism resource sustainability to upgrade life quality of inhabitants.
5. Strengthen development of tourism resources, upgrade facility quality of tourism, complete tourism information service, and create friendly tourism environment.
6. Promote coastline recreational activities and implement hygiene and maintenance of tourist spots in order to provide tourists with comfortable and clean traveling environment.
7. Increase public transportation service plans for important festivals and holidays as well as ask the central government for plan sufficient transportation supply for providing safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation service.
8. Increase harbor management and construction design of each harbor to provide efficient service and friendly image.
9. Continue to upgrade public vehicle and ferry system to enhance service quality.
10. Strengthen management of regional parking lots and improve road traffic safety facility for better traffic safety.
11. Handle car accident and reconsideration committee service matters to reduce quarrels of car accidents.
12. Organize and plan new tourist bus to upgrade the overall tourism image of Kinmen.
13. Sponsor and promote theme-based tourism exhibition in China.
14. Obtain express custom policy for tourists from China and invite Chinese affiliated groups and organizations to Kinmen for cultural exchange and tourism.
15. Organize and hold China Affairs Exchange conferences and workshops.
16. Promote the educational training for guides and service crew to welcome tourists from China.
17. Welcome tourism agencies, tourist groups, and special industry professionals from China.


Social Affairs Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Provide social assistance to under-privileged groups.
2. Provide welfare service to children and adolescents.
3. Provide welfare service to women.
4. Provide welfare service to elderly.
5. Provide welfare service to physically and mentally challenged groups.
6. Implement domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention as well as sexual assault prevention.
7. Set up community development association.
8. Set up social groups.
9. Increase promotion of voluntary service teams and counseling work.
10. Strengthen contact service with overseas Kinmen natives.
11. Encourage organizations to provide pension plan for labors.
12. Promote harmonious worker-employer relationship to increase business production.
13. Strengthen union organization to increase communication between workers and employers.
14. Launch individual service for physically and mentally challenged people (Career Creation Strategy and Goal).
15. Launch career training to incubate career expertise (Career Creation Strategy and Goal).


Administrative Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Handle filing complaints, national compensation, and negotiation of consumer disputes to secure legal rights of inhabitants and to inspire legal spirit.
2. Investigate all kinds of regulations and administrative rules and edit them into a book for reference of each department to implement administration policy in accordance with rules.
3. Conduct outsourcing management of environmental hygiene and personnel simplification, renovate office, maintain water and electricity facility, and inspect public safety to improve working environment and to upgrade administrative efficiency.
4. Improve public relation and inspire team spirit to enhance interpersonal relationship, to help negotiate work duties, and to upgrade good conditions of all kinds of construction.
5. Supervise maintenance of all kinds of public vehicles to implement regular functions and operate express administration.
6. Promote administration construction and strengthen contact with media in order to establish good interactive relationship, to strengthen reportage of administration construction, and to obtain the public’s consensus and support of administrative construction.
7. Issue county government newspapers, distribute them to other organizations and schools, and display them at service centers for public reference.
8. Continue to increase the rate of distributing message and document via e-mail, supervise affiliated agencies to operate the system, and modify the current policy once dilemma emerges.
9. Continue to promote document filing. Our government has completed the document filing business in the past so we should be able to carry out immediate service. In order to reduce document filing, expired documents will be destroyed in accordance with expiration regulations.


Research and Evaluation Office
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Strengthen operational status control of certain projects to realize job performance efficiency and to improve regional overall construction development.
2. Realize evaluation process of result control for policy plan, implement on- site investigation, and investigate operational result. In addition, organize service control to increase policy impact.
3. Implement management of approved cases by all committees and follow up control of filing complaints from the public.
4. Implement efficient time management while dealing with public documents, launch overdue cases for approval investigation and survey analysis, and inspect responsibilities of delaying.
5. Continue to promote service for the public, conduct all kinds of service, surveys, statistics, and questionnaires to analyze opinions of the public in order to organize, follow up, and understand public opinions for enriching policy.
6. Promote research and development affairs to strengthen work, to incubate research flair, and to encourage life-long learning.
7. Promote local government policy plan management system and hold educational training in accordance with Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission of Executive Yuan.
8. Strengthen the management of government publication to provide local publications for sale and exhibition, encourage each organization to join in reward plan, inspire information exchange, and upgrade publication quality.
9. Implement offshore overall development plan in accordance with “Offshore Sustainable Development Act.”
10. Conduct offshore fund assistance plan and evaluate small-scale construction plan.
11. Launch revision of Kinmen County Tourism Website.
12. Launch “mini platform” in accordance with Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission of Executive Yuan to set up on-line application service.
13. Set up VNP internet construction website and exchange core facility, purchase new SWITCH to replace the old facility, and use old SWITCH as the backup to ensure safe and smooth internet usage.
14. Strengthen the power for main equipment room, UPS, and air conditioning equipment in accordance with increasing demands of main equipment system in order to secure stability of power system.
15. Continue to maintain information usage environment and safety standard of information communication safety.


Accounting and Statistics Office
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Allocate resources reasonably and efficiently to ensure stable finance.
2. Improve usage and efficiency of governmental treasury to excel the function of accounting management.
3. Launch business and investigation statistics as well as edit investigation report of organization for administrative reference and decision making.
4. Promote the development of accounting information system for local education development budget in Kinmen to upgrade administrative efficiency.
5. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
6. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.


Personnel Office
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Conduct management of organization to reasonably control staff growth and effectively use manpower.
2. Implement civil servants’ development strategy to inspire staff’s spirit.
3. Implement retirement, compensation benefit plan, and insurance policy.
4. Set up digital nerve system for personnel administration in accordance with demands of digital era.
5. Conduct leisure activities to enhance employees’ benefit.
6. Enhance the quality of personnel staff to improve personnel service.
7. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.


Civil Service Ethics Office
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Strengthen the promotion of regulations for civil service ethics and enhance employees and the public’s consensus against corruption.
2. Conduct approval and inspection plan to help organization acquire good practice and eliminate bad practice.
3. Investigate corruption and illegal practice to set up a clean and incorrupt government.
4. Realize the protection of confidential secrets in order to avoid the release of confidential secrets.
5. Strengthen safety protection of organization to prevent any harm to staff’s life, property, or safety.
6. Strengthen civil service marketing to increase performance efficiency.
7. Edit special newspaper of corruption prevention detailing important items which are prone to corruption for the county office and for its affiliated organizations.
8. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
9. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.

Police Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Strengthen practice of transportation patrol to protect traffic safety.
2. Enhance the ability of investigation and prevention to effectively reduce crime.
3. Launch question-oriented service to upgrade service efficiency.
4. Promote cooperation of public and civilians to increase social support.
5. Promote police administration in the community to establish partner relationship.
6. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
7. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.


Fire Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Realize disaster prevention system to reduce loss.
2. Strengthen inspection of fire safety to ensure no harm to civilians’ life, property, or safety.
3. Strengthen disaster prevention system to strengthen urgent reaction ability.
4. Upgrade manpower use for disaster.
5. Enhance service quality of urgent care.
6. Conduct regular trainings for firemen (regular, combined, and concentrated groups).
7. Strengthen investigation and inspection ability for cause of fire.
8. Strengthen the functions of Disaster Rescue Center for immediate directing, distributing, and communicating.
9. Renew and replace fire equipments, ambulances, and other equipments.
10. Establish Disaster Rescue Center of Kinmen County.
11. Enrich water sources for fire and rescue, and reduce the use of freshwater resources.
12. Set up human rescue across the Strait and urgent care system.
13. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
14. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.


Health Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Strengthen medical resources in Kinmen as well as management plan and promote urgent medical care system.
2. Realize long-term care management and establish long-term care system.
3. Launch psychological disease prevention and strengthen inhabitants’ mental health project.
4. Realize food inspection and follow-up management and reduce the rate of disqualified food for sale to protect consumers’ rights.
5. Strengthen drug policy management and realize drug service to ensure drug safety.
6. Strengthen supervision and inspection system of all kinds of contagious diseases and prevention matters.
7. Upgrade the professional technique ability of food safety inspection and increase laboratory automatic inspection items.
8. Continue to implement HPV vaccine for women to effectively reduce the risk of cervical center.
9. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
10. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.


Environmental Protection Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Conduct inspection and control plan of fixed pollution source.
2. Conduct inspection and control plan of mobile pollution source.
3. Conduct inspection and control plan of fugitive pollution source.
4. Implement air pollution control.
5. Promote water pollution prevention plan.
6. Implement environmental hygiene maintenance plan.
7. Implement hygiene management of drinking water.
8. Continue to promote compulsory recycle policy of separate waste.
9. Promote the source control of plastic bag use and its reduction policy.
10. Take care of waste disposal and maintain environmental hygiene.


Land Administrative Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Accept applications of all kinds of land/real estate registration certificates, registration of other rights, and incomplete document for land administration in the early stage.
2. Conduct land administration information, e-land land administration plan, land administration express plan, and management system of information maintenance and safety.
3. Accept the public to inquire bulletined current land value of average land right, reassessment of land value, and trial for selection of stand land.
4. Conduct searching and editing of land value index, investigation of real estate exchange, and land value after slice or join.
5. Conduct management of land rights and land use.
6. Conduct land acquisition of harbor region at Jinhu City.
7. Conduct farmland readjustment of Dashanding in Lieyu.
8. Practice measurements for central urban plan and division of land registration sketch.
9. Conduct land re-measurement and building measurement project.
10. Conduct integrated plan of digital cadastral map and complied plan of urban city design geographical map.
11. Conduct cadastral map resurvey.
12. Conduct patching and sorting out sketch stubs.


Cultural Affairs Bureau
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Conduct management of book information and publish excellent works as well as information related to parent-children reading activities.
2. Establish research reward system and collect local literature and historical information in order to launch the establishment of local historical data base and to continue the development of local culture.
3. Edit quarterly Kinmen, bi-monthly Literature Kinmen, and books related to Kinmen literature and history to introduce local political and financial policy and cultural activities, to inspire flair of literature creativity, and to preserve local literature publication.
4. Hold all kinds of literature workshops and exhibitions to promote the culture of arts.
5. Promote and invite internationally renowned performance groups for culture exchange and performance.
6. Promote community culture and plan community center.
7. Assist local arts groups and incubate elites of arts.
8. Carefully preserve cultural resources and implement renovation projects for all kinds of cultural landscapes and relics.
9. Conduct all kinds of activities, such as workshops, rewards plans, and historical relics research conferences to incubate professionals in culture resources.
10. Launch investigation, research, maintenance, reuse, and management of culture resources.
11. Edit historical chronology of Kinmen County and assist each township to edit and revise its own local history and literature.
12. Conduct reuse of cultural relics and other related archeological relics activities, launch activities of related antiques and folklore relics, as well as organize collection of historical folklore museum and other facilities.
13. Hold Kinmen Culture Festival.
14. Conduct construction of Culture Center Renovation project.


Revenue Service Office
Objectives and Guidelines of Yearly Policy Plan:

1. Continue to promote revenue e-system to synthesize the inter-platform information between national and regional revenue system.
2. Conduct overall correction plan of 2009 house tax registration for completion of tax revenue
3. Launch 2009 house tax to maintain a systematic process in order to fully realize the function of revenue.
4. Launch 2009 land value tax and modify status quo of tax information in accordance with the modified land registration information provided by land administration agency.
5. Conduct bulletined current land value in accordance with land administration agency and fully support audition of deed tax declaration.
6. Launch 2009 license plate tax and conduct overall inspection plan of vehicle tax to ensure complete tax system.
7. Launch management of overdue tax to prevent new delays.
8. Launch the inspection of 2009 taxable documents for stamp tax.
9. Set up ISMS to pass the inspection of ISO/IEC2700I: 2005.
10. Launch transfer of the tax payment (not temporary counter for tax payment) to reduce time and manpower for tax payment and to increase efficiency.
11. Strengthen promotion of tax education to enhance general public’s tax knowledge and create excellent tax environment.
12. Create learning-oriented organization to upgrade the quality of civil servants.
13. Reduce government expenditures and reasonably allocate resources.

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