Jinning Township

Date of announcement:2015/10/14
Last updated: 2015/10/14

As Kinmen’s major development area, Jinning Township has great potential in tourism and service industry. Leisure agricultural and fishing industries will be developed without impacting the natural environment and original ecology. The county government will also be active in promoting Kinmen to the world and waving its hand at holidaymakers from the world.
Kuningtou, Tsu Lake, Shuangli Lake, Nanshan, and Beishan have great potentials to be developed as scenic spots. Since Kuningtou Battle has its significance in history and the scenery around Tsu Lake and Shuangli Lake is unique, it will be a good idea to build a park, featuring war and peace. We hope to invite prestigious landscape designers to blueprint the project. Landscape designing and management involve complexity, esthetics and the harmonious arrangement. For example, how to perfectly place buildings into the natural environment takes experiences and expertise. In addition, a more thorough assessment, re-organization, and redevelopment over the existing facilities should be performed with the aid of relevant tools, designs, and resources in order to provide more profound tourist experiences. In the future, Jinning Township will focus on the integration of relevant tourist resources and the development of better communication means to make the most out of the township’s potential.
There are a lot of fun spots in Jinning Township—no matter you are interested in visiting wartime monuments, historic relics, traditional settlements, or water features, you can easily get around because all of the spots are quite near to each other.

Jinning Township(JPG)

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Jinning Township

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