Jinsha Township

Date of announcement:2015/10/14
Last updated: 2015/10/14

Jinsha Township has abundant resources for the development of cultural tourism, with a lot of monuments and places of historic interest, including Ronghu Park, Shanhou Folk Culture Village, Mashan Observatory Broadcast Station, Xiangshan Jingang Temple, Li Residence of Shi-shan-chien, Chen Enrong Hall, and Ancient Tomb of Chen Chien. In Kinmen National Park, which covers Taiwu Mountain and Mashan area, there are several worth visiting attractions, including, Ming Lu Wang Tomb, the “Wu Wang Tsai Chu” stone inscription, Qingtian Hall, and Aug 23 Artillery War Museum. If well planned, all of these will provide an advantage to tourism. The development of Kinmen Cultural Park will make another tourist attraction that provides a complete cultural picture. Furthermore, a religious park is being planned, featuring a huge stone Buddha sculpture. In the future, Kinmen will be known as a sacred Buddhist spot.
  A remodeling project will be performed on the outlook of Jinsha Township’s traditional settlements with several infrastructures being constructed to make visits even more enjoyable and at the same time improve local living. In addition, efforts will be made, in cooperation with locals, to promote the idea of preserving cultural heritage and traditional settlements so as to help the sustainable development of the local community. More in-depth tourism will be the priority with local tales being introduced, local tour guides being trained, and guesthouses being promoted, to create a new image for the township and its traditional settlements.
  With the township’s abundance in natural resources and cultural uniqueness, different holiday resorts will be developed. Take the northern coastal area of Jinsha Township for example. All of the surrounding scenic spots will be developed with the integration of relevant resources to forge the coastal area into a holidaymakers’ paradise.
  The shortest distance between Jinsha Township and the mainland China is from Mashan to Jiaoyu, which is only 1,800 meters at low tide. The waters between the two points is not suitable for navigation for there are many hidden rocks but it is technically okay to build a bridge over the sea area. Jindeng Peace Bridge, which is still being planned, will connect Mashan, Jiaoyu, Xiaodeng, Dadeng, and Nanan County of Fujian Province to the north-south highway in Fujian, which reaches Shanghai to the north and Guangzhou to the south. In the future, projects related to the construction of Jindeng Peace Bridge should be evaluated to develop not only Jinsha but Kinmen as a whole. The water and power supply in Kinmen can also be addressed.

Jinsha Township(JPG)

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Jinsha Township

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