Jincheng Township

Date of announcement:2015/10/14
Last updated: 2015/10/14

What makes Jincheng Township different from the other townships in Kinmen is that it has a mix of both old and new. In addition to “Oucuo traditional gated building cluster” and some western-style mansions, which are ranked First Class Historic Sites, future efforts should be invested in the preservation of the other many historic monuments and relics, among which, the relics in Kukang district should be further evaluated and preserved as soon as possible. General Hulian Memorial Hall will also be built beside Juguang Lake.
Jincheng Underground Tunnel, constructed in 1981, used to be the underground self-defense works during wartime. The tunnel is 2 meters high, 1.2 meters wide, and 2,122 meters long. For the younger generation, a visit to the tunnel might be an adventurous experience, but for the folks and national forces in Kinmen, tunnels are reminiscent of wartime years. What is noteworthy is that there are many tunnels in Kinmen and some even have become part of the lives of local people. Till now, the tunnels are valuable tourist assets.
  Tunnels could be seen elsewhere, but it is no so common to find wartime tunnels in a bustling urban area—which makes Jincheng an interesting spot. It is easy to get around in Jincheng and the tunnels are well preserved. The county government is planning to open an exhibition hall in the second floor of Jincheng Station to make your visits to the tunnels more impressive and help boost the commercial activities in the neighboring areas.

Jincheng Township(JPG)

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Jincheng Township

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