How can we apply for young children placement in your institution? What documents are required?

Date of announcement:2015/11/19
Last updated: 2015/11/19

Please take the following documents to the township/ town office where the kid’s household registration is filed to apply. Upon receiving the official documentation from the above township office, we will deliver our staff to visit the kid’s home, and arrange for placement if necessary.
1.A checkup report by any public hospitals with chest X-ray diagnosis, blood test (to screen Hepatitis B, syphilis, and AIDS), and tests for amoebic dysentery and Shigellosis.
2.A copy of household registration
3.Application for home-care investigation
4.A letter of guarantee from the kid’s home (If the child is abandoned or homeless, then the police authorities or the head of a neighborhood (Li) should provide a testimonial along with a checkup report.
5.Kids that have any of the following diseases cannot be allowed in here:
(1)contagious disease (notification is required)
(2)mental illness
(3)any disease that demands long-time care or treatment
Responsible unit: Home to All
Section: Infant Section
Persons in charge: Huang Hui-cai
Tel. number: 082-311236

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