Bilingual Glossary

Vocabulary Translation Department
Social Work Office 社工室 Home to All
Nursing office 護理站 Home to All
Personnel Office 人事室 Home to All
Civil Service Ethics Office 政風室 Home to All
Accounting and Statistic Office 主計室 Home to All
General Affairs Section 行政組 Home to All
Senior Citizen Section 安老組 Home to All
Children Section 育幼組 Home to All
Home To All 大同之家 Home to All
Secretariat 秘書室 Harbor Office
Maintenance Section 工務課 Harbor Office
Harbor Office 港務處 Harbor Office
Accounting Office 會計室 Harbor Office
Stevedoring and Warehousing Section 棧埠課 Harbor Office
Marine and Harbor Management Section 港航課 Harbor Office
Jinhu Township 金湖鎮 Jinhu Township Office
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