Political Views of the Sixth Kinmen County Magistrate (Revised)

Political Views

Political Views of the Sixth Kinmen County Magistrate (Revised)



Short-term Plan (2015)

Mid-term Plan (2016)

Long-term Plan (2017-2018)


Medical and Health Care

1.Establish one-stop medical service
2.Establish medical SOP and rotations of medical specialists stationed in Kinmen
3.Step up food safety promotion, actively inspect food hygiene, and protect residents’ food safety

1.Create an excellent medical environment and provide doctors and nurses with better compensation
2.Plan regional medical care and a health park for the elderly
3.Purchase advanced medical facilities
4.Plan the emergency medical system of Lieyu Township
5.Establish a food safety testing center

1.Create a medical green tunnel that provides high quality medical services
2.Build a general medical building on the west side of the island
3.Promote medical tourism in Kinmen and offer travel services featuring medical and health care
4.Provide comprehensive medical care locally



1.Increase the passenger capacity of flights and voyages between Kinmen and Taiwan
2.Establish one-stop transportation service
3.Improve sea transport to help residents return home during the holidays
4.Plan the expansion of Huanxi Rd., Huanbei Rd., and the access road of Liaoluo Port

1.Build ferries for Kimlie Waterway
2.Adjust discount tickets for ferries between Kinmen and Xiamen
3.Construct Jincheng Parking Lot to resolve the parking issue

1.Expand roads surrounding National Quemoy University
2.Plan a coastal road that circles the island


Urban and Rural Development

1.Expand the scope of villages, abolish pitched roofs, bottle railings, and deliberate on lifting restrictions on building height

1.Provide incentives for urban renewal and amenities in Jincheng and Shanwai
2.Land readjustment, Land Administration Bureau will actively return land to the people
3.Trade land with citizens to carry out road constructions
4.Postpone the rise of land increment tax

1.Revitalize the traditional Southern Min settlement, Qionglin Settlement


Social Welfare for Women and Children

1.Build community care centers for the elderly and meal gatherings of elderly people
2.Issue a monthly pension of NT$3,000 to residents at ages 55 and above
3.Care for the rights of new immigrants and indigenous peoples

1.Resolve the issue of elderly people living alone, and create a friendly environment for the elderly
2.Attach importance to care for people with disabilities and increase the amount of living subsidies
3.Offer babysitter and long-term care certification courses to women free of charge, and establish a babysitter station to help women find employment

1.Increase monthly pensions for the elderly by NT$1,000
2.Create age-friendly communities and a long-term care platform in Kinmen
3.Construct a distance medical care platform, and integrate mechanisms for medical care, health exams, and insurance
4.Establish multi-functional parent-child education spaces


Culture and Education

1.Budget for purchasing new teaching equipment and school building renovation
2.Increase the education capacity of National Quemoy University and Ming Chuang University in Kinmen
3.Revitalize idle spaces and establish Southern Min Cultural Creative Park

1.Plan education development funds of schools at various levels
2.Construct a county library and add facilities

1.Establish a youth entrepreneurship base by combining industry, government and academia, and drive Kinmen’s economic takeoff
2.Establish industry related departments to cultivate specialized human resources and assist with technology upgrade


Youth Entrepreneurship

1.Use public land to build economic housing for the youth
2.Plan a Youth Entrepreneurship Program
3.Create 250 job opportunities with a monthly salary of NT$30,000

1.Review (Establish) the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund to offer interest-free loans to the youth
2.Offer vocational training and certification courses to the youth free of charge
3.Create 250 job opportunities with a monthly salary of NT$30,000

1.Develop the cultural creative industry island-wide, provide incentives to attract Kinmen people to return to Kinmen and create job opportunities
2.Integrate Southern Min culture and Kinmen cultural creative products, and make them more unique, exquisite and international
3.Create 500 job opportunities with a monthly salary of NT$30,000


Sustainable Agriculture

1.Develop agricultural infrastructure to improve the well-being of farmers
2.Review Houfeng Fishing Port Development Project
3.Prohibit illegal sand mining and over-fishing to protect fishery resources

1.Set up floating docks at the fishing port to care for fishermen’s livelihood
2.Expand Luocuo Fishing Port into a multi-functional port
3.Guide agricultural transformation to produce high quality, organic health foods

1.Expand Liaoluo Port and Xinhu Fishing Port
2.Plan and promote an organic agriculture area


Environmental Technology

1.Promote energy conservation and carbon reduction actions among citizens, and drive the development of green low carbon communities
2.Expand the application of energy conservation and renewable energy products, and drive the development of green environmental protection and green energy industries

1.Strengthen surface water retention and replenish ground water
2.Promote water and energy conservation equipment, and subsidize the installation of solar power systems for households
3.Construct island-wide utility common conducts to ensure diverse and sustainable developments

1.Provide Kinmen low carbon island ecological tourism services and drive the development of surrounding industries
2.Buy water and power from China
3.Build an island-wide optical fiber network infrastructure


Tourism and Leisure

1.Plan the opening of Dadan and Erdan islands for tourism
2.Collaborate with hostels that have traditional Southern Min features, and develop Kinmen’s beautiful coastline and battlefield remains

1.Renovate Shamei and Houpu old streets to attract tourists
2.Construct a tourism port on Lieyu
3.Plan Chengkung and Shangyi tourism and leisure industrial clusters

1.Develop the tourism night market industry in Xinshi Village
2.Develop landscapes around Yingshan, Yangshan, Mashan, Tianpu, and Bishan
3.Provide guidance for the legalization of tourism industry buildings


Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.

1.Review the Chinese New Year liquor quota distribution system

1.Guaranteed NT$30,000 annual income per tobacco and alcohol license
2.Review the outdated salary structure and benefits system of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.
3.Strengthen the function of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Foundation and fulfill its corporate social responsibility
4.Plan a Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor tourism factory

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