Chen Fu-Hai: Let Early Childhood Education Take Root

Date of announcement:2015/12/15
Last updated: 2015/12/15

Chen Fu-Hai: Let Early Childhood Education Take Root
Reporter Li Tseng-Wang / Kinmen County Government

The first meeting of the third Kinmen County Home Child Care System Management Committee was convened yesterday. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai thanked the committee members for their participation and dedication, and stressed that it is necessary to create a friendly environment for early child education to take root; schools should not give up on any students to prevent drop outs; this way we can prevent severe social incidents like the Cheng Chieh incident.
The meeting was held in conference room one of Kinmen County Government at 3:00 P.M. yesterday and was hosted by Magistrate Chen. Attendees included committee members Ning Kuo-Ping, Chen Tien-Shun, Hsu Pi-Hua, Wu Shu-Yuan, Tsai Tsung-Ju, Hung Tien-Fu, Yen Chang-Pin, and Deputy Director-General Hsu Mei-Feng and Section Chief Chuang Tsai-Yang of the Social Affairs Department.
During the meeting, the Social Affairs Department reported on in the implementation status of resolutions made in the previous meeting. The Social Affairs Department pointed out that Kinmen currently has 207 child care workers, including 25 general child care workers with technical certificates, 2 with related academic backgrounds, 20 with professional certificates; family member child care workers include 15 with technical certificates, 7 with related academic backgrounds, and 138 with professional certificates. At present, 266 children are under the care of child care workers, including 207 under the care of family member child care workers and 59 under the care of general child care workers.

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