Chen Fu-Hai: Ma-Xi Meeting Benefits Peaceful Cross-Strait Exchange

Date of announcement:2015/12/15
Last updated: 2015/12/15

Chen Fu-Hai: Ma-Xi Meeting Benefits Peaceful Cross-Strait Exchange
Reporter Weng Wei-Chih / Summary Report

The first meeting between leaders of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait since separation in 1949 will be held in Singapore on the seventh of this month. Kinmen County Government issued a newsletter on the night of the fourth and Magistrate Chen indicated that he “acknowledged and supported” the meeting. He believes that Kinmen is in a key location between the two sides and has taken part in numerous important cross-Strait negotiations; he strongly welcomed a second “Ma-Xi Meeting” to be held in Kinmen, jointly creating a better environment for cross-Strait peace.
Kinmen County Government indicated that this is the first formal meeting between the highest leaders of the two sides since the two sides were separately governed. Kinmen County Government and County Council hopes that positive interactions between the two leaders will benefit cross-Strait exchange and further consolidate peace, as well as resolve cross-Strait economic and domestic issues.
Magistrate Chen believes that the importance of peaceful cross-Strait relations goes without saying in times of turmoil in central Asia. Kinmen can especially understand the importance because it has served as the front line in battle several decades ago since 1949. Magistrate Chen said the Kinmen Agreement in 1990 to the beginning of the mini three links in 2001, and to the third cross-Strait high level official meeting (Hsia-Zhang Talks) in May this year, Kinmen is the best witness of the two sides turning from military confrontation to peaceful exchange.
After years of cross-Strait exchanges, more sensitive economic and domestic issues are now being discussed, and Magistrate Chen hopes that authorities on both sides will seriously consider implementing policies on a trial basis in Kinmen first, especially since there are still many disputes concerning free economic pilot zone in Taiwan. Kinmen is separated from Xiamen Free Trade Zone by only a narrow passage of water, and is the best place to establish a free economic pilot zone. He welcomed the two leaders to meet in Kinmen is they are considering a second meeting, so that the two sides can jointly set a new milestone for cross-Strait developments.

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