Magistrate Chen Commends Street Cleaners for Their Hard Work

Date of announcement:2015/12/15
Last updated: 2015/12/15

Magistrate Chen Commends Street Cleaners for Their Hard Work
Reporter Li Chin-Chiang / Jincheng Township

To thank the street cleaners of each township office for their hard work all year round, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Kinmen County Government held the “2015 Street Cleaner Commendation” in Pujing Restaurant yesterday. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai personally handed awards to street cleaners recommended by each township office to thank them for their hard work and contribution to maintaining cleanness and environmental quality, regardless of the scorching sun, cold winter, and after the heavy rain of typhoons. He hoped that they will continue to dedicate themselves to a clean Kinmen.
Magistrate Chen indicated that Kinmen has always been known as an ocean park, and street cleaners are the unnamed heroes that have enabled Kinmen to maintain this reputation. The workload and stress of street cleaners have significantly increased with the military cutting down its personnel quota, the large number of tourists arriving via the mini three links, and rising environmental awareness of the public, but everyone has remained at their post, dedicating themselves without regret to create a beautiful and clean environment for Kinmen, and he showed his utmost respect and gratitude. He pointed out that five street cleaners will be commended in the event, he hoped that everyone will engage in exchange during the event to build morale, and also aim to become a national example for street cleaners, increase their passion for work and work efficiency.

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