After Listening to a Report on Jincheng Tourism Development Action Plan, Chen Fu-Hai: Create Tourist Attractions through Stories

Date of announcement:2015/12/15
Last updated: 2015/12/15

After Listening to a Report on Jincheng Tourism Development Action Plan, Chen Fu-Hai: Create Tourist Attractions through Stories
Reporter Weng Wei-Chih / Summary Report

“Beautiful mountains and water should have tourist attractions.” Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai listed the development of a Tourism, Leisure and LOHAS Island as one of Kinmen’s ten development projects when he assumed office. In the past 10 months, he has earnestly hoped for support from the central government’s policy, and the county government has established the framework of five attractions in five townships to stimulate tourism development and thereby attract tourists from China and Taiwan.
On the topic of Jincheng Township’s tourism development and tourist attraction, Magistrate Chen was accompanied by Senior Executive Officer Wen Tzu-Pao and Director-General Li Tseng-Tsai of the Tourism Department to a presentation by Phototroph Engineering Consultants Inc. The project director Kao Li-Hsin explained in detail development concepts, potential developments of Jincheng Township, local participation, development issues and strategies, ideas for positioning, and the timetable of the tourism development action plan.
Under the framework of Kinmen Conceptual Master Plan, the presentation pointed out that the issue of land must first be resolved in order to implement the project, only then can designs and concepts be proposed. The concept of operations management will also be introduced, and the company is willing to build the bridge for subsequent operations with respect to related software; the cultural creative industry will also be brought in when appropriate.
With regard to role positioning, the project established the theme as a commercial core and eco-tourism, which are conflicting concepts and should be reviewed during future project implementation. The purpose of planning in advance is to link together Kinmen cultural city, Shuitou international commercial port, and Tongqiangshan recreation and leisure area. For example, the northern belt focuses on renewal of the old city area of Jincheng Township and development of historical assets and economic park; the southern belt focuses on linking together and revitalizing settlement culture and industries.
Jincheng Township has the atmosphere of an ancient town, special battlefield culture, rich coastal ecology, and beautiful coastal scenery. There is also Kinmen kaoliang liquor, an unforgettable taste. Hence, the project positioned Jincheng as “Old Distillery, New Lake, Stroll Through an Ancient Town”, hoping to link together Jincheng Township’s rich tourism resources, while providing visitors with a good itinerary and ideal environment planning.

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