Scholars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Discuss the Development of Smart Cities in Kinmen

Date of announcement:2015/12/15
Last updated: 2015/12/15

Scholars from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Discuss the Development of Smart Cities in Kinmen
Reporter Hsu Chun-Kui / Jinning Township

The seminar “Urbanization and Development of Smart Cities: Kinmen and Xiamen Intercommunication and Interoperation” was held in National Quemoy University yesterday (19th) morning. Attendees included officials from Kinmen County Government and numerous scholars from Taiwan, Kinmen and China, industry, government and academia joining together to offer advice and ideas for a vision for cross-Strait development of smart cities; a total of 12 papers were published in the seminar yesterday.
Lin Te-Kung indicated that Kinmen was still a battlefield before 1991 and was very unfamiliar with “computers”. The situation gradually improved under the assistance of the Institute for Information Industry, and finally developed into the Kinmen we see today. Digital divide was very large due to battlefield administration in the past, and the society was much closed with respect to information access. Following the development of informatization in recent years, rapid progress has been made in various aspects, roughly 87% of households now have computers and internet penetration has reached over 80%, while mobile internet access has reached over 90%. According to a survey by a magazine, information development in Kinmen is now rated top ten in the country.
The county government’s administrative vision is “beautiful Kinmen, sustainable island”. Lin Te-Kung said that the county government hopes to utilize information technology in daily administrative affairs, so as to support tourism and medical development. The county government established a smart city implementation group a few days ago, and plans to slowly make it a part of daily life and important policies, including tourism and medical care, through public participation and step-by-step planning.
Qiao Run-Ling from China pointed out that “smart cities” might be the next step of cooperation. He looked forward to sharing China’s policy for “smart cities” with attendees, and wanted to know the progress of Kinmen and Taiwan in related policies. He also hoped that experts and entrepreneurs from Taiwan and Kinmen will share their opinions on the benefits brought by China’s market.
The seminar include four topics: “Development of Smart Cities and Intercommunication and Interoperation of Kinmen and Xiamen”, “Economic Cooperation and Development of Smart Cities in Kinmen and Xiamen”, “Urbanization, Community Governance, and Smart Care”, and “Smart Cities and Industrial Cooperation”. The scholars published 12 research papers on “smart cities”, including “Kinmen Smart City Design Concepts and Development Prospects”, “Cross Disciplinary Governance: Political and Economic Strategies and Arrangements for Kinmen and Xiamen Intercommunication and Interoperation”, “Exploring Cooperation Opportunities in the Cross-Strait Smart Medical Care Industry – In the Case of Elderly Care”, “Smart Care Model and Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation: Comparative Analysis”, and “Kinmen Smart Tourism: Development and Prospects”.

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