Magistrate Chen Inspects Disaster Situation and Post-Typhoon Recovery Work in the Rain

Date of announcement:2015/12/15
Last updated: 2015/12/15

Magistrate Chen Inspects Disaster Situation and Post-Typhoon Recovery Work in the Rain
Reporter Yang Shui-Yung / Kinmen County Government

Typhoon Dujuan passed through Kinmen Island, and even though the winds and rain were not very strong, Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai monitored the latest developments and disaster situation all day long yesterday. He showed gratitude and approval towards the county government for its efficiency achieved through full cooperation between departments during the typhoon, and said “Thank you for the hard work! Let us continue to work hard together for this island!”
Typhoon Dujuan was accompanied by a super high tide and storm surge, and Magistrate Chen inspected Jinsha Reservoir, Houfeng Port, Dongmen and Xiashu, as well as low-lying areas with flood potential. In the work meeting of the emergency operations center opened for Typhoon Dujuan, he instructed the Economic Affairs Department, Public Works Department and Environmental Protection Bureau to support township offices in flood-prone areas to closely monitor and be fully prepared for seawater encroachment and flooding.
The Police Bureau turned away people watching waves, playing in water, and fishing in hazardous restricted areas, including riverbanks, reservoir, and low-lying areas. Due to the typhoon, high tide and seawater encroachment, roads in flooded areas were closed to prevent any accidents.
The Social Affairs Department visited Kinmen County Home to All, Morning Light Home, Futian Village Eco-educational Farm, and Pine Garden during the typhoon to make sure all personnel and residents were safe. Director-General Ning Kuo-Ping of the Social Affairs Department conveyed Magistrate Chen’s concern and indicated that all supervisors were personally overseeing disaster prevention measures; everyone was safe.
Magistrate Chen asked the Environment Protection Bureau to coordinate the cleaning of trash after typhoon Dujuan, and to launch its horizontal mechanism to combine the resources and capabilities of units to complete cleaning as fast as possible. If the Education Department requires military support for cleaning campuses, Magistrate Chen instructed it to submit an application to the military same as the Environmental Protection Bureau and township offices.
Furthermore, Deputy Magistrate Lin said “Thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work!” to the units that were engaged in post-disaster recovery, making perceivable efforts to Kinmen residents.

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