Minister of the Public Construction Commission Inspects the Construction of KinmenBridge

Date of announcement:2015/12/10
Last updated: 2015/12/10

Minister of the Public Construction Commission Inspects the Construction of KinmenBridge
Reporter Yang Shui-Yung / JinningTownship

At present, scheduled progress of KinmenBridge is 34.41%, and actual progress is 30.91%, 3.5% behind schedule. Minister Hsu Chun-Yi of the Public Construction Commission arrived in Kinmen yesterday to inspect the construction of KinmenBridge. Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai accompanied Minister Hsu to hear a presentation on implementation of the Kinmen Bridge Project. The minister inspected KinmenBridge to see the bridge’s construction progress first, the quality second and the construction safety third, and hopes to bring back satisfactory results!
Minister Hsu was accompanied by Magistrate Chen and Director-General Chang Chung-Min of the Public Works Department to hear a presentation by Director-General Huang Yi-Yen of Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau (TAEEB) on implementation of the Kinmen Bridge Project in the construction site’s conference room at 3:00 P.M. yesterday. Huang Yi-Yen provided basic information of the Kinmen Bridge Project, explained project implementation, difficulties encountered and response measures, matters that need to be coordinated, budget execution this year, and other matters of concern to the public. He pointed out that even though progress is behind schedule, they will step up efforts in the deep trench area in hopes of catching up.
Minister Hsu indicated that he visited Kinmen for the first time on July 6th last year to inspect the progress of KinmenBridge, but progress is still behind schedule after a year. This shows that many areas need to be improved and there is still great room for improvement. He also said that it was a pity a construction safety incident occurred at KinmenBridge, and stressed that safety was still first while maintaining construction quality!
Magistrate Chen indicated that he as accompanied the ministry of transportation and communications to inspect KinmenBridge five times in the less than nine months he has assumed office. The county government has a clear attitude that it will provide full support for any matters that require assistance. He also said that KinmenBridge is the “floating bridge” residents have long hoped for, and was only possible with President Ma’s gratitude towards Kinmen!
Magistrate Chen pointed out that progress has not improved when he saw the bridge today, and the TAEEB and construction supervisor should “toughen up”, because progress will fall severely behind if it does not catch up before the northeast monsoon arrives in October this year.
Magistrate Chen said that not only Kinmen residents are concerned about the bridge’s construction, but council members have also proposed “construction period cannot be increased, and budget cannot be increased”. He also asked Chairman Hung Chin-Fu of KuoTeng Construction Co., Ltd. to not increase the construction period and complete the bridge before noon on November 18th, 2017.
Magistrate Chen asked the TAEEB and construction company to bring forth any issues they may have, so that the issues can be jointly resolved. Do not wait until a problem occurs to start searching for a solution, otherwise progress will still be behind when the minister of transportation and communications make the next visit. Manpower and work ships must come as soon as possible, and the TAEEB must step up its efforts to catch up with progress. The construction company must also create a friendly environment to jointly build this bridge!
Furthermore, after hearing the presentation and exchanging opinions, Minister Hsu was accompanied by Director-General Chang Chung-Min of the Public Works Department to inspect the construction site of Kinmen Bridge at the Kinmen end. Minister Hsu will also inspect the construction site on the Lieyu end this morning to understand the overall situation.

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